Prince of Peace Modernization

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Carrolton TX was a creative and joyful customer during their elevator modernization. EMR received much more than their business.

“The force is strong with you stair walker!”

Earlier this year EMR was hired by the church to perform a complete upgrade of their elevator controller, original machine and fixtures. It was their only elevator to the 750 students and 600 members. In MOST cases frustration is expected.

The project team notified the church of the lead time for proper accommodations. Without delay they went right to work to prepare. But not the way you would expect.

They first voted on a character of the ‘down elevator’. That’s how “Darth Elevator” was born! They designed posters and life-size stand ups of the character and promoted the the modernization with excitement.

Darth hung stood outside the elevator floors and stairs with catch phrases like, “the force is strong with you stairwalke”. They kept this up throughout the construction phase to remind everyone of the “elevator to come” The kids and adults loved Darth.

Elevator coming this September 2018”

The first Sunday of the month, Pastor Micha Miller brought the life size Darth on stage to commence the elevators arrival by drop kicking the character in front of the whole congregation.  It was a delight for the entire church!

This unexpected great attitude during this down-time was inspiring.  It’s a good reminder that we could all prepare ourselves for a joyful heart during any season of life if we have the right attitude.

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