Republic Square I is open for business!

EMR is honored to be completing another Harvey repair project. The 12 Elevators at the Republic Square I located within Houston’s strongest office markets are an addition to the newly renovated building.

The original 1979 building suffered greatly in 2016. The release of flood waters in Addicks & Barker Reservoir devastation the Energy Corridor during Houston’s 500-year flood.

Boxer Property worked hard and moved quickly to restore the 478,000-sq. ft structure. Boxer is known nationally for their project management, leasing office buildings and turning real estate into stable business properties.

The Republic Square I, caters to a workplace environment. The 12 traction elevators are designed for high speed travel and flexibility. The vertical transportation offers convenience and seamless movement throughout the entire facility including the covered garage.

The flood mediation project included, modernization and repairs to elevator cabs, hoistway, doors, controllers, ropes, fixtures and machines. The basement style geared traction’s serve 5 floors each. The 2 Freight’s were completely modernized to Motion Control Engineeing with Torin machines.

EMR project team and modernization crews are excited to have been involved in such an inspiring space that is now open to be leased by any businesses looking for a great office work environment!

Check out more info below.

Building info

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