The show must go on! Wortham Theater


EMR Elevator has been a part of the ongoing restoration project for Houston’s Wortham Theater Center. Although the building is still recovering, parts of the theater will open to the public this Sunday for the first time since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. Repair work is still underway, but the show must go on!

The 31 year old landmark which is home to the renowned Houston Ballet and Grand Opera has been closed since the unprecedented storm hit the Houston area and sustained over 12 feet of water. On August 27, 2017 water filled the basement of the 437,000-sf structure. While the building was powered down before the worst of the storm, there was major damage to the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment including the vertical transportation.

EMR’s highly skilled elevator mechanics and adjustors worked tirelessly to focus on repairing 12 of the building’s elevators & escalators. The iconic venue relies highly on the use of their transportation for the ongoing construction to complete the project on time and for opening their doors permanently.

Fun Fact:

Paley Sculptures
The Paley Sculptures are decorative, ribbon-like sculptures flowing gracefully on either side of the Wortham Center front entrance escalators. These magnificent stairway sculptures, mark the artist’s first use of color in his steel sculpture work. Collectively, the Stairway Sculptures weigh 30 tons. Some of the individual pieces of art have as many as 400 pieces of steel. Albert Paley, the American artist, completed the sculpture in 1987.

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