What steps to take if your elevator was impacted by water.



Elevators are susceptible to flooding since the pits are usually the lowest point in a building. If water came into the building, most likely the elevators were effected. When flooding occurs, it is important to document as much information as you can and take pictures right away.

Information to consider:

  • Approximately when flooding occurred?
  • Did the water reach the car or machine room?
  • What moving mechanisms and solid state equipment got wet?
  • Was the car completely submerged in the water?

Important facts:

  • Hoist ropes, compensation ropes and traveling cable are typically damaged after sitting in water for any amount of time.
  • Any damage to life safety equipment, absolutely must be replaced.

Any elevators and escalators exposed to water should definitely be shut down. It is best to schedule a survey of equipment as soon as the weather’s cleared.

For safety reasons, if water’s found, do not resume operation or restore power until an elevator professional performs an inspection of the control panel.

Recovery from natural disaster Tropical Storm Harvey.

EMR is offering free surveys to damaged or flooded equipment in the surrounding Houston and Galveston areas. Experienced elevator adjustors are available to provide you with the quotes your  insurance company will need to start your repair process.

Huricane Harvey


Quote for the soul:

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. – John F. Kennedy

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